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NOTE: It's always best that you watch the video above before reading through the rest of this page for maximum understanding. It's important you really grasp the potential of this powerful marketing method!!!!!
Here is what you are going to learn in this training:
  * How to use article marketing
   the RIGHT way

*  How to structure your articles for
   maximum exposure.
You WILL Dominate the 1st page of every major
search engines if you do this correctly!!
What Is Article Marketing?
Article Marketing is a type of advertising in which a marketer writes short stories that are of value to a reader and then publishes them on large article websites in exchange for recognition as the author and a link back to their site.
Article marketing is the gate way to what we at Online Green Profits refer to as.......
Everyone loves residual income.... Do the work once, get paid forever! Why not do the same thing with your marketing? Spend two hours marketing today, get paid on it for years to come. Your articles will create leads, prospects and sales for you for YEARS to come.
Why Do Search Engines Love Articles??
Articles are viewed as unique fresh content. You are able to get your article to rank very high in search engines by.......DOING YOUR KEYWORD RESEARCH

By doing your keyword research a search engine is very likely to place your article on the 1st page because you are also producing highly targeted content. The search engines see that it directly applies to what the search engine user is looking for.

You can maximize your results even more by using Ezine Articles! Search engines already love them, why not take advantage of that? You can then leverage the authority of the site and ensure your article gets the highest ranking possible.
  What Does Your Article Need To Contain?

How To Structure Your Article

Your Headline-  Include Your Keyword Once

Summary- about two sentences that summarize your article. Around 140 characters. Include Your Keyword Once
Article Body -

It should be around 300-400 words depending on the article directory. We have found shorter is better but some article directories do require you have 400 words in your article. You need to
include your keyword phrase 3-5 times in the body of the article. Here is an easy way to do that:

Try to structure your article in 4-5 paragraphs including your keyword phrase once in each paragraph.

When you are structuring those paragraphs if it's possible when you write your first paragraph start your article with your keyword phrase. When you are writing the last paragraph try to include your keyword phrase in the last sentence of your article.
Last, but definitely NOT LEAST!!!
Your Resource Box
This is where almost every marketer goes wrong.

This could be described as the most important part of your article. This is where so many marketers go wrong! This is where your readers have the opportunity to visit your website, so it essentially determines your traffic and sales.  DON'T be boring and a it should end with a call to action!
Now you have a new valuable skill.
What are YOU going to do with it?
We can give you all the skills in the world but if you don't do anything with them you are simply wasting your time. To be successful in this industry you don't just take action. You need to take MASSIVE action. That's what Online Green Profits is all about.
How many articles will you write this week?

How many articles will you write TODAY??
Go get started:)
Quote of the day:
“Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results.” ~Albert Einstein